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Review: Emerald Pharms



Review: Emerald Pharms 4

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The Vibe

A lush oasis full of rolling hills, sustainable farmland and cozy getaways offers visitors a place unlike anywhere else. Emerald Pharms is nestled inside the Solar Living Institute of Hopland. In fact, Emerald Pharms is one of, if not the only, solar-powered medical marijuana dispensaries in California. With an open door policy anyone is welcome inside (though only patients may purchase), and the ambiance and decor is that of a high-end boutique apothecary.


The People

The atmosphere of Emerald Pharms is warm, welcoming and felt throughout the entire visit. “It’s all based on the sensory experience,” explained the staff. The team is attentive, friendly and trained by Project CBD. There is zero pressure to grab your medicine and go, it’s actually quite the opposite. The skilled budtenders pride themselves on making certain that patients go home with the right medicine. The Director of Emerald Pharms, Chelsea, will make you feel as if you’re a guest in her home. To top it off, every patient is offered a free Guayaki Yerba Mate, hot or cold. It just lends itself to the welcoming nature of the Pharms.


The Product

Emerald Pharms specializes in regional heirloom genetics. Their products span a wide variety of options from CBD Rich Flour Child topicals to a vast range of edibles including OM Edibles, Madame Munchie, Humboldt Harvest and Swerve. Flour Child also exclusively sells their CBD-rich granola to Emerald Pharms. Some tinctures they offer are Humboldt Apothecary and Care by Design. Smokeless options can be sampled while sitting on the deck overlooking a lily pond and garden. If you’re in the market for a smoking device, there are vape cartridges including Absolute Extracts and strains such as Enchanted Cookies, Durban Poison and CBD originator, Jamaican Lion. Strains are marketed based on terpene profiles. Every product in the case is meticulously chosen and the attention to detail shines through in their product selection. In addition, Emerald Pharm is the first to sell Firefly 2. Their products are held to a higher standard, the Emerald standard.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][vc_column_text]

“My intention with having a terpene-based flower menu is to inspire patients to consider cannabis not as a black and white (Sativa, Indica) portrait, but rather a colorful robust masterpiece. [Medicine is] Theirs to create and personalize by their specific therapeutic wants and needs by learning about what terpenes gives them the effects and relief desired.”-Chelsea Lucich, Emerald Pharms Director

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