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Review: Hemptealicious CBD Tea



Review: Hemptealicious CBD Tea 1

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Hemptealicious CBD Tea

Provided by: Pure Hemp Botanicals

Popping the tin box, Hemptealicious Pure Hemp teabags look like any other and smell surprisingly similar to chamomile. After steeping the teabag for about ten minutes, I inhaled the slightly woody and herbal aroma, finding it very calming. The sweet, earthy flavor tastes similar to a mild Rooibos (red) tea. I was surprised that there wasn’t any aftertaste, just a smooth finish as I waited for the effects to set in. While completely non-psychoactive and caffeine-free, this tea brings a healthy dose of CBD to the table for a flavorful and relaxing experience. At 25 mg per serving, it’s a great option for morning or evening use.

Hemptealicious tea is made with industrial hemp, and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. For those that like to shop local, the hemp used in this natural product is natural and grown in Colorado as well.


  • Hemptealicious tea is great for relieving anxiety without the psychoactive effects of a regular edible, so it can be used for daytime relief.
  • CBD is a great anti-inflammatory, which makes this tea great for aches and pains.
  • With its gentle herbal flavor, this tea is a great option for nausea relief as well.
Hemptealicious CBD Tea

Hemptealicious CBD Tea

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25 mg per serving

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