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Review: Honey Banana



Review: Honey Banana 1

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Strain name: Honey Banana

Tested by: Steep Hill Labs | Indica/Sativa: Indica-dominant Hybrid

Producer & Provided by Standing Akimbo

Opening a jar of Honey Banana from Standing Akimbo unleashes a sweet aroma that is akin to a strawberry banana smoothie. I had to take another deep inhale, while inspecting the delicately peaked nugs. Possessing a light, frosty green hue, the nugs’ delicate orange hairs give the strain a feathery texture. The flavor and effect are certainly not lightweight, this Honey Boo Boo and Strawberry Banana cross will have you happily relaxed. The thick smoke tastes of grape and berry topped with hints of citrus. The whopping 29 percent THC potency in this strain, seeped with a smooth body high, left me pleasantly focused but detached from daily stress.


  • Thick berry and citrus flavor
  • High THC content that provides a smooth, engulfing high
  • Great blend of stress relief and mental focus

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Honey Banana by Standing Akimbo

Honey Banana by Standing Akimbo

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