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Review: Honey



Review: Honey 2

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Producer: Verde Natural

Honey is a delicious cross of Sour Dubs and Cherry Pie, with dense buds that seem almost dipped in a pale golden frost of trichomes. This slightly indica-dominant hybrid is great for relaxing. The smell is pungent, but sweet. The smoke, heavy with rich flavors of berries and wood, which pleasantly lingers a few moments after exhaling. Sour Dubs’ genetics give this strain a very euphoric and creative feel, while the Cherry Pie cross comes in a few minutes later with a pleasant relaxation of the body. This strain is remarkable at relieving pain without weighing you down. The overall effect is a little head, a little body, and a whole lot of relief!


  • Pain relief without the zombie effect
  • Balanced head, body high
  • Relaxing while energizing

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Honey by Verde

Honey by Verde Natural

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