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The Place

Herbal Healing is a medical-only cannabis cultivation site and dispensary located in Colorado Springs. Four days after opening on April 16, 2015, Herbal Healing went on to win the 2015 Cannabis Cup. The garden’s signature Grand Daddy Purps won Best U.S. Indica Flower. This wasn’t just a beginner’s luck story though. This past April, their fragrant Royal Highness went on to place third in the CBD Flower category and their Skywalker Live Resin took second place in Best Concentrates at the High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup. In addition to growing award-winning cannabis, Herbal Healing boasts one of the largest selections of flower and concentrate in Colorado, with roughly 35 strains on hand at any given time. Herbal Healing stocks shatters, waxes, butters, live resin, bubble hash, rosin, oils and caviar as well.

The actual grow room is reminiscent of a laboratory, featuring temperature regulating cooler panel walls, eighty 1000-watt lights and a C02 injector operating at 1500 parts per million—the room is veritably “heaven on earth for plants.” Their soil is imported from Oregon due to its rich, tropical and wet nature—a soil loaded with natural additives for optimal plant growth. Due to their success and popularity, Herbal Healing will expand to three stores by the end of 2016, and hopes to turn to recreational, “when the time comes.”

The People

An experienced and cohesive team runs Herbal Healing, consisting of men and women who hail from Kentucky. In fact, the original seven members of the team came from the same city and now live in Colorado Springs with an ever-expanding workforce of 25 individuals currently. Run by friends and family, the staff at Herbal Healing brings their close-knit warmth and decades of combined experience to work every day.

Ryan, the master grower, oversees both natural and hydroponic growth through expert monitorization of temperature, humidity, C02 and nutrient levels. Ryan and his team employ cutting edge technologies in combination with knowledge and passion to ensure that the grow at Herbal Healing is sophisticated, streamlined and hugely efficient. It is for these very reasons they hope to one day offer their own proprietary grow system and equipment to future dispensaries. Come visit the friendly and intelligent staff, and see for yourself what makes Herbal Healing one of the best medical grows and dispensaries in Colorado.

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