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Review: Jack Herer: Unparalleled Rosin Shatter



Review: Jack Herer: Unparalleled Rosin Shatter 3

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Tested by: Steep Hill Labs | Provided by: Essential Extracts

Strain Name: Jack Herer

Essential Extracts has created a truly next-level, solventless shatter that looks, smells and tastes like nectar from the Hash Gods. This world-renowned strain was named after author and cannabis activist, Jack Herer. Bred by Sensi Seeds, the sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between a Haze hybrid, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk.

With just one dab of this delicious rosin, all my aches and pains felt non-existent. As the powerful head high began to set in, I felt relaxed and content, with increased energy levels. The nearly translucent concentrate provides an earthy aroma and a citrus taste. I found myself feeling uplifted, creative and euphoric throughout my entire day, taking small but continuous doses of the rosin. This concentrate had a strong effect, sans the paranoia and anxiety often associated with sativas.

Nikka T, the founder of Essential Extracts, hails from the Bay Area but has produced solventless concentrates in Colorado since 2010. What makes this rosin so special is the production method the company uses. They heat press their solventless hash into rosin, instead of the traditional method, which involves pressing buds. The Jack Herer Rosin was made with plants from Alpinstash, a grow that cultivates natural, high-quality cannabis; resulting in pure, chemical-free shatter. Essential Extracts views hash creation as a science and an art form, so it’s no surprise they’ve won countless awards including the Cannabis Cup’s #1 non-solvent hash.


• Strong effects, without paranoia

• Uplifting, creative high

• Additional body high that made aches and pains disappear

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