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Store Name: Jayne

Jayne PDX - view from the outside of the dispensary
Jayne PDX – view from the outside of the dispensary

The History

Robb Arnold, founder of Jayne in Northeast Portland, is on a mission to master canna-business. A relative newcomer, Arnold claims his life has always focused on two great passions—the first being golf. He spent 15 years as a superintendent for golf courses on the PGA Tour.

The second, I’m sure you can guess. But what’s the connection? “I’m an agronomist. In school I learned to grow everything from wheat to, well…grass,” Arnold shared. In exchanging one green jacket for another, he’s undertaken a set of challenges foreign to the fairways and clubhouses of the conservative golf scene.

Close up shot of bud
Close up shot of bud

The Business

Portland’s funky strain of creativity has found an irresistible outlet in the legal cannabis market. Naming products, designing stores and building brands are real creative challenges that lie between ambitious herbalists and their dreams. Hand-stamped zip lock bags are no longer cutting it.

Arnold is knee deep in that challenge. “Trying to be a little bit different from everybody else. Giving people a reason for coming into Jayne as opposed to some other shop. That’s the tricky part,” he said.

Jayne Team
Jayne Team

The People

One of Arnold’s strategies is to surround himself with experts. For example, in choosing suppliers, “Everybody’s got the best weed in Portland and everyone wants $2500 a pound for it.” So how does he select his product? “My manager, Brianna, has a nose for it. Literally. If it’s high in pesticides she breaks out, so she’s really targeting low-mold, low-pesticide products,” Arnold responded.

He’s selective when hiring the rest of his team as well. “I’m not saying our budtenders know any more than any other budtenders, but they’re going to spend the time with you, talk with you, try to educate you and if they don’t know the answer, they’re going to look it up or ask someone that does.”

“You hear these negative terms in news reports, ‘you’re going to get hooked,’ ‘you’re going to overdose.’ You can find thousands of stories where marijuana has helped people. I challenge you to give me one example where cigarettes and alcohol have helped anybody.” -Robb Arnold, Jayne Founder

Hours: Mon–Sun 10am–10pm


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