Review: Jetty’s Dablicator 2.0

Jetty’s Dablicator 2.0

The Dablicator 2.0 by Jetty Extracts is a little something I had the luck of discovering recently. Though it looks like a small ball-point pen, or even a tube of lip gloss, it’s actually filled with 1g of pure CO2 wax. All you do is twist the top and push a button to release a small dose ready to dab! Not only is it much cooler looking than the less threatening syringes that CO2 wax usually comes in, it’s easier to apply to nails than shatter and makes waxing joints way less messy. You can even eat it! That’s right my friends, it’s fully activated and ready to go.

They come in sativa, hybrid and indica blends, as well as a growing collection of strain-specific varieties. Potency ranges from 55–75 percent (RAW) and 80–90 percent (GOLD) active cannabinoids. I sampled all three blends, as well as Snow Cap, Sage, Silver Haze and Yoda OG. Everything sampled had a clean taste to it, and the strain-specific Dablicators all had the right flavor and effect per strain.

The sativa variety stood out as it produced a happy and productive high without making me feel over-stimulated. Yoda OG was another favorite of mine. It produced joyful and relaxing effects and gave me quite the appetite. Application was simple and straightforward—you can even twist the top backwards to retract any overflow there might be.

In addition to creating convenient and potent products, Jetty Extracts is also a mindful and compassionate company. Through signing up for Jetty’s Shelter from the Storm Project, any cancer patient in California can receive free cannabis products. They even supply plants and grow equipment to those who want to produce their own cannabis. Their innovative and potent products in combination with their community support are DOPE.

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RAW Dablicator (55–75% THC): $40
GOLD Dablicator (80–90%THC): $55


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