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Review: Lemon G



Review: Lemon G 2

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Strain name: Lemon G

Producer: CRX Concentrates | Provided by: Natural Remedies

This terpy, tangy Lemon G live sugar truly lives up to its name. The sticky, sugary concentrate is pungent with the aroma of tart citrus and pine needles. The flavor is fruity and sticks with you, almost like biting into a fresh Meyer lemon, but without the sour taste. The smoke is delicate for such mouth-watering flavor and the awakening, energizing effects of this G13 cross are felt very quickly. A sweet grapefruit and zesty lemon peel flavor lingers after exhale. A sense of elation and alert euphoria make this concentrate a must try for those looking for a motivating and active experience.


  • Strong citrus and pine flavors packed into a delicate hit
  • Lingering taste of fruitiness that’s great on the exhale
  • Motivating as it creates a sense of elation
Lemon G from CRX Concentrates

Lemon G by CRX Concentrates

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