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Review: Native Roots Dispensary



Review: Native Roots Dispensary 3

nativeroots_0528_dope_novemberNative Roots Dispensary


Rounding a corner into a cluster of industrial-looking shops, I spied the recognizable Native Roots tree logo predominantly displayed across the fresh tin-siding. The Native Roots Vail location has just been revamped and is getting ready for the upcoming snow season—its busiest time of the year. Black couches line the lobby walls and the look is more edgy than one would expect from the rustic-looking exterior. The familiar Native Roots branding gives a streamlined feel, and flat screens around the dispensary portray information on how and where to consume cannabis responsibly. Colin Hagan, Store Manager, shared with me his love of working in the beautiful town as people flock to the mountains for snowy holidays. “It’s nice working with people up here. They’re more relaxed, and of course, love good cannabis. Making sure we educate people so they leave here knowing what to do with the edibles and products they purchase is very important.”


Walking over to one of the six identical display cases, I see several jars of bud neatly lined up on the shelf, and plenty of in-house concentrate options to choose from. A budtender pulls out a jar that showcases a recent artist collaboration, Griz Kush, to show off. This signature strain is a smooth sativa with noticeable lift and plenty of energy. The selection of edibles was well-rounded with a multitude of choices to satisfy any vacationer’s curious palate, and price cards are always on view for customer convenience. “We found we were spending more time talking about pricing than products and effects. Hopefully, this addition to our display will give our budtenders more time to efficiently educate our customers while they are here,” expressed Ryan Taylor, a Native Roots Regional Manager. And even as we strolled through the store, a curious elderly couple was asking a plethora of questions to a knowledgeable budtender as they explained in detail the various crèmes and patches. The scenic views and even a local brewery next door make this shop a must-stop on your mountain vacation.

A fun new product at the dispensary is called Shortys, “It’s a five pack of quarter-gram joints that come ready to go. These are great for discreet tokes or sharing with friends,” shared the staff.

“Black couches line the lobby walls and the look is more edgy than one would expect from the rustic-looking exterior.”


Hours: Mon-Sun: 9am-7pm



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