Review: Not Your Granny’s Candy

Not Your Granny’s Candy

With only six ingredients in these hard candies, Not Your Granny’s hard candy is a treat for both your mouth and mind. Available in flavors like strawberry, marionberry, mango chile and watermelon, there is a variety of savory and sweet tastes to select from. Each package has 15mg total cannabinoids, distributed among three pieces of candy. With a lower dosage in each of these candies, they are excellent for the edible novice or the experienced canna-eater who just wants a night cap. The candies melt quickly in your mouth and leave little to no cannabis aftertaste. The packaging allows for light, easy and inconspicuous travel, and they are sealed tight and clearly labeled. These could be perfect for a bedside table or upcoming travel experience.


• Calmness and relaxation

• Stress relief

• Mellow mindset

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