Review: OG Kush: Connoisseur Grade Stress Relief

Strain name: OG Kush

Producer & Provided by: Advantage Healing

Tested by: SC Labs | Indica/Sativa: Hybrid

With calyxes of lime and pale green, and brown-tan pistils frosted with resin, Advantage Healing’s OG Kush walks in with scents of resin and pine wood, and leaves behind hints of lemon and an earthy trail. OG has the tendency to invoke aroma-inspiring nods of approval from its long term subscribers. Many turn to OG Kush with stress, emotional and reactive disorders, and the flavor is just as delightful as the scent. Stress quickly melts away, leaving pleasant serenity in its place.

Advantage Healing is focused on small batch connoisseur grade cannabis, and have acquired first and second place awards throughout California—taking pride in keeping products pesticide and fungicide free.


  • Aroma and flavor just as sweet as the high
  • Powerful stress reliever
  • May induce immediate fandom
OG Kush by Advantage Healing
OG Kush by Advantage Healing


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