Review: OM Edibles CBD Sesame Miso Broth

OM Edibles CBD Sesame Miso Broth

It may be my love of soup, but OM Edibles’ sesame miso paste somehow managed to be light and fluffy straight out of the jar. Made with organic, non-GMO fresh miso, sesame and CBD, I licked my spoon clean before even making the broth. Miso is a fermented derivative of the soybean and packed with living probiotics. There is no distinguishable taste of cannabis, which I appreciated. When added to hot water, the paste becomes an earthy broth great for mornings or bedtime. I recommend this for anyone who prefers a more mellow edible.


Body relaxation without any head high

Hot broth and CBD make for a nourishing pick-me-up

Miso is a great digestive aid loaded with probiotics

Great by itself as a hot beverage, OM Edible’s Sesame Miso can also be used in spreads, salad dressings, stir-fry and soupsthe sky is the limit.

CBD Sesame Miso 

80 mg CBD | 4 mg THC per container

Price: $36 / 4 oz.