Review: Pumpkin Pecan Mini Space Cakes


Pumpkin Pecan Mini Space Cakes

Tested by: CW Analytical  | Indica/Sativa: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Provided by: Moonman’s Mistress

Patients new to cannabis have been reluctant to try edibles due to the risks of strong symptoms that could result in panic. Others have had concerns for the nutritional value of many edibles and some simply don’t like the taste of cannabis. Moonman’s Mistress responds to these concerns with their friendly and consciously-dosed Pumpkin Pecan Mini Space Cakes. Each package comes with two individually wrapped mini cakes, each with 25mg of THC. Every ingredient is natural and gluten-free, with health and quality in mind. With no cannabis flavor, their fluffy texture and natural ingredients can be savored while they melt in your mouth. A plus because medibles work best through our salivary glands.

“…healthy can taste good. So many healthy products in the market really compromise on taste profile. We went above and beyond to source the highest quality ingredients that provide the most benefit to the body and taste great.”-Moonman’s Mistress Team


Gently enhances mood

Pain management and anti-inflammatory aid

Each cake is made with strain-specific medicine


THC: 50mg | CBD: 0.1mg per package



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