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Review: Pure Vape Wax



Review: Pure Vape Wax 1

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Pure Vape Wax

Tested by: SC Labs | Indica/Sativa: Hybrid


The first thing I noticed when I got my Pure Grape Concentrate was the packaging. A beautifully radiant golden orb of concentrate resting within a silicone container—an elegant presentation like a plate at a five-star gourmet restaurant. When you crack the jar open, a fresh bouquet of grape hits you square in the nose. You can taste the flavor in the vapor and the concentrate leaves a grape taste dancing on your tongue.

The potency of Pure Grape Concentrate is on point. My mind was lifted, body relaxed and I felt the effects for several hours.


  • Mentally uplifting, physically relaxing
  • Strong, fresh taste of grape throughout each hit
Pure Grape Concentrate

Pure Grape Concentrate

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