Review: Rose Collective

The History

Rose Collective opened under the name of Farmacy Venice on Abbot Kinney in 2007. Since moving the collective to Rose Avenue, they’ve changed the name. The collective was one of the first Pre-ICO Prop D compliant dispensaries to open at that time. They re-opened their doors in the current—and larger—space in October of 2014.


The Place

Rose Collective attains the authentic vibe of Venice Beach. Open, airy and welcoming, the collective strives to build and maintain community relationships. Upon walking through the door, one can sense a feeling of appreciation as a customer. Bygone are the days of serious, stagnant vibes. This collective is a fun, relaxing place to view and discuss products.

The collective is constantly taking steps towards community service and catering to the needs of clients. In the fall, the staff will be leading a beach cleanup. They’re also preparing to increase efficiency in an effort to better cater to the increased number of clients, if and when California goes recreational.

The Products

Professional and educational are often used descriptors of the products available at the collective, which include strains, oils, tinctures, lozenges and edibles. The staff is excited for the return of the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar and their recent addition of beverages. Each product is measured precisely for correct dosage and displayed in a clean, orderly fashion.

Each strain is color-coded by type, to denote the product as an indica, sativa or hybrid. The collective makes THC and CBD ratings readily available to customers. “We are a popular sativa store, which is unusual,” shared Kelsey Barney, Rose Collective’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our top five selling strains are sativas, but we accommodate our indica patients as well.” As a bonus, there’s never any guessing as to the purity of a product, not with a testing station available in the collective.


A new offering at the collective is their Joint Bar, where regulars visit and return frequently to see Peter, who rolls specialty medicinal joints. “People love him,” Barney said. “They have really developed a friendship with him. Our customers love our ‘caregivers,’ which is what our ‘budtenders’ have come to be called, because they go beyond the bud.”

Barney said that Rose Collective is famous for their Dutch Treat super sativa strain. They even have Kosher Kush, in which a Rabbi blessed the seeds.

“We also have patients who have weaned themselves off painkillers with our Charlotte’s Web,” Barney added. “We love to introduce products to our clients and educate them on things that they would not normally try.”

“Our customers love our ‘caregivers,’ which is what our ‘budtenders’ have come to be called, because they go beyond the bud.” – Kelsey Barney, Rose Collective Chief Marketing Officer

Rose Collective Mural

Mon–Sat: 10am–8pm, Sun: Noon–7pm


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