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Review: Rogue Raven Farms



Review: Rogue Raven Farms 4


Rogue Raven Farms


Rogue Raven Farms, a sizable Tier III grow owned by Marc Van Driessche and Brandon Becker, is located in Shelton, Washington. As Rick Becker, Director of Operations, gave us a tour of their 50,000-square-foot facility, it was evident that Rogue Raven Farms is on their game. Rick spoke candidly on how business has been, “Our product is going out to anywhere between 50 and 100 locations. The demand is through the roof.”



This high demand is due to the high-quality product that Rogue Raven Farms is becoming known for. The Rogue Raven Farms brand is their A-Grade, top shelf line, while Three Trees and Popcorn are their two alternative lines. However, Rick shared that there are rewards for purchasing the A-Grade bud, but the quality of the lower grades can be similar. “Our philosophy is that when you buy a gram of our product you aren’t getting six little buds, you’re getting one healthy nug,” he stated. Essentially, what could have been A-Grade but didn’t look the part ends up in their Three Trees or Popcorn lines.


From the grow rooms to the trimming, curing and packaging areas, every aspect of the grow is diligently organized and regulated. The work done in their extraction center is a unique testament to their commitment to quality. Johannes Mak, a well-known extraction expert, walked us through his meticulous process for their premium oil brand, Dutch Hustle. One of his finished products—an untainted sheet of pure, gold shatter—was pulled from a combination of Stephen Hawking Kush and Ewok. He spoke about his goal for each batch, “I get (the oil) pretty much down to an absolute in its final form.” This level of commitment to quality has not only proved successful for Rogue Raven Farms, but also raises the bar for the cannabis industry overall.

“Our product is going out to anywhere between 50 and 100 locations. The demand right now is through the roof.”-Rick Becker, Director of Operations




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