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Review: Stash Pot Shop



Review: Stash Pot Shop 1

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Stash Shop

Stash Shop Front Counter

The Place

With a mantra of “community, culture, cannabis,” Stash Pot Shop is a shining example of why legal cannabis is destined to have a positive impact on society. Their highest priority is to be the most welcoming shop you can find, where an interaction-focused experience takes precedence over moving the highest volume of traffic through their doors. Being tucked away in the heart of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood gives their customers the best of both worlds—a discreet yet lively location. A second location also just cropped up in the Lake City neighborhood, which is definitely worth a stop if you’re in that neck of the woods.

Stash Shop

Stash Shop

The People

There is a strong internal culture keeping the vibe at Stash Pot Shop alive and well, which is due to the efforts of KC and Shea—the main owners and operational forces behind the store. With the help of approximately 30 employees, they make the time to publish their own newsletter, Toke, and pride themselves on being very active members of their community.

Stash Shop Merch

Stash Shop Merch

The Products

The shelves at Stash Pot Shop are stocked with a delightful, but very focused, array of cannabis products. Currently they are working with a relatively small group of 11 flower vendors, placing the high standards of quality and value over providing an overwhelming amount of options. Whether you’re looking for a $10 gram from Monkey Grass Farms or a $22 gram of the hard-to-find Acapulco Gold from Vashon Velvet, you’ll always find top-notch options at every price point. As KC said, “Seattle is a craft region and Stash Pot Shop caters to that.”

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M-W 10am–10pm | Th–Sat 10am–11:45pm | Sun 10am–8pm

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