Review: Swift Mints: So Fresh And So Clean

Swift Mints

Producer: SWIFTS | Provided By: Green Labs (instagram/twitter @greenlabsllc)

For starters, Swift’s Mints might well be the most discreet method of edible cannabis I’ve ever ingested. As someone with a high tolerance, I’m naturally skeptical of the potency in many recreational edibles. In this case, my apprehensions were pleasantly unfounded—I could easily consume the precise dose I wanted, while still getting a relaxing and upbeat experience. Green tea blends surprisingly well with the peppermint, which makes for a refreshing mint with low calories, no sugar and the holiest of active ingredients. Swift’s definitely resides near the pinnacle of discrete and versatile cannabis consumption.

There’s nothing worse than cannabis edibles that take forever to digest. Mints dissolve in your mouth not your stomach, which means the onset of effects occurs much faster than the average infused product.


• Keep a tin within arm’s reach for on demand ingestion in any situation—in the car, on the counter, in your purse, wherever!

• Great for lazy consumption at home and active consumption on-the-go, or discreet consumption during lunch hour, (just don’t tell the boss!)

• Available in hybrid, sativa, indica or CBD. Choose your effect!



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