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Review: The Higher Path



Review: The Higher Path 2

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][vc_column_text]The Higher Path dispensary is located in a prime Ventura Boulevard sweet spot in Sherman Oaks and is aiming high, for sure. It could easily have been called Higher Education since educating its clientele is what this dispensary is all about.



The owner Jerred Kiloh has a degree in economics and uses data-driven principles to run the business, but his appearance says otherwise. A modern, handsome 30-something, Kiloh is currently sporting a two-tone mohawk born at Burning Man.

Kiloh tries to get to know the lifestyles and habits of his patients so he can better choose strains or other products to suit each of their needs. He also aims to educate his community and his staff, who undergo a comprehensive training regime. Once hired, they are required to write for the newsletter, maintain a blog, and are encouraged to read and write reports on the source material—all in an effort to best serve the community.

One of the ways The Higher Path strives for better care is by hiring a lot of women. The feminine energy is an important component of what goes on there. “It all starts with the flower,” said Megan, their social media manager. “I mean, it’s the feminine plant that gives us the medicine, right?”



Kiloh continued on Megan’s thread. “One of the most rewarding things was to see three generations of women—mom, daughter, and grandmother—in the store together, picking out medicine, comparing strains and symptoms,” Jerred said. “Our demographic is mostly female, slightly older. A lot of people who smoked recreationally in the ’60s and ’70s are realizing what a good thing they did for their bodies and are coming back to the plant as their health needs change.”

The Higher Path also attempts to keep growth hormones out of all the products. If Kiloh doesn’t know the grower personally, he has their products lab tested to ensure safety.

He’s also quite the grower himself, producing the two-time Cannabis Cup winning SF Dragons Breath, and the hand-engineered Gucci, an aphrodisiac with a slight appetite suppressant.

Kiloh puts a lot of time, energy, commitment and passion into his mission to educate and heal. He’s the exception to his own rule here. He’s not a woman, but he certainly cares.

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7 Days a Week: 10am–8pm

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