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Review: Three A Light



Review: Three A Light

The innovative growers at Three A Light have a reputation for producing great bud, and lots of it. Their proprietary growing technique has galvanized the grow community and is eloquently explained in their inviting new grow book. It covers everything you need to know from the Schwazze process to helping your plants bounce back even stronger with the proper nutrient levels. I couldn’t wait to learn more at their “superfarm” wholesale grow facility. The staff mindfully brought me through a series of over half a dozen rooms to see the various stages of their exclusive grow system. Perfecting how to take growing to another level, this facility, I’m told, often produces close to four pounds per light, or around 150 pounds every two days in their 23,000-square-foot facility. That’s literally over one ton of cannabis each month. The people behind Three A Light’s grow are passionate about making the most out of their quantity by continuously putting out high-end product that doesn’t disappoint.

Thick with terpy aromas, I had to stand back a little to take in the lush wall of Black Ice and Juicy Fruit that surrounded me.

Walking into one of the intricately groomed flower rooms, the towering canopy of luscious colas smelled like an earthy, fruity kush jungle. The ability of the buds to fill in so densely after being schwazzed was incredible and produced some of the juiciest, most compact colas I have ever seen. Thick with terpy aromas, I had to stand back a little to take in the lush wall of Black Ice and Juicy Fruit that surrounded me. Their high output speaks not only to the capability of their in-house success, nutrient line or ground breaking growing methods, but to an element of family that makes the plants and the people better as well.

Greg, Josh, Nick and Max agreed unanimously that the number one concern would always be the culture of Three A Light. “One thing that sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to family,” Nick shared. Josh would go on to add, “The most important element at Three A Light is the culture. A lot of us have grown up together. We really are a family and treat it like one.” That family vibe certainly carries over to the plant life—they play Marvin Gaye in the nursery while baby cannabis plants are made, and southern gospel hymns to escort out the deceased plants who didn’t make the cut. By nurturing the education and success of other growers, the Three A Light family is inspiring many people to see how much more they get out by putting in a little more time, quality and, the most important ingredient of all, some love.


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