Review: VELA


The Place: Cannabis Retail Made Elegant

For veterans and newbies alike, Vela’s standard for top-notch quality will be evident as soon as you walk through their doors. As you navigate the elegant, minimalist layout of the store you may feel like you’re on the hunt for that perfect piece of jewelry—minus the pushy sales consultants. In fact, one of the modestly lit, monochromatic walls features a unique reference tool—the Vela Spectrum. Whether customers choose Hush, Unwind, Flourish or Ignite, these boldly displayed words give customers a vocabulary to begin a conversation about cannabis.


The Product: Precise Purchasing

Each item among Vela’s wide variety of products, regardless of type, has a product card that references where it falls on the Vela Spectrum. If you choose to, you can find the ideal item before you even reach the counter, but that’s not to say the budtenders won’t answer your questions if you prefer talking with an expert. With a wide array of products that will appeal to both the smoking and non-smoking crowd, the folks at Vela will be able to accommodate your needs, and educate those who crave extra guidance.


The People: A Friendly Voice in the Community

Erin Green, Operations Manager, spoke of Vela’s vision to educate and guide customers, “We want to be that voice in the community that educates the people.” Starting the cannabis conversation with the community is Vela’s main aim. This focus is supplemented by two neighboring tenants: a grow operation and extraction lab, both of which are visible from the outside. For folks who aren’t keen on the industry, this trifecta provides an inside and educational look. A visit to this retailer isn’t just a trip to the store—it’s a complete cannabis tour.

“We want to be the voice in the community that educates the people.” -Erin Green, Vela Operations Manager


Hours: Mon-Thu: 9:30am-10pm, Fri-Sat: 9:30am-11pm, Sun: 10am-7pm


Alex Juliano

Born and raised in Seattle, WA, Alex Juliano is a writer, instructional designer, educational consultant, teacher, web developer, and professional breakdancer. Aside from his endeavors in writing, Alex has innovated training solutions for a variety of industries, including performing arts, telecommunications, technology, public education, retail, aerospace manufacturing, and CAD/CAM software. 

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