Review: Vibe This Tangie Sap


Tangie Sap

Tested by: SC Labs | Produced/Provided by: +VIBE

I got a chance to vibe on some of this new Tangie Sap. It’s produced through a low pressure steam distillation system to extract the terpenes from the flowers, and then run through an ethanol soak and second distillation process to produce a solvent-free sap with high cannabinoid content. The terpenes are added back into the mix, producing a super clean and clear concentrate. This same delectable sap is also found in the award-winning Habit Soda. Its smell reminds me of orange sherbet and cleanliness. The orange flavor sits nicely on the palate as it produces a creative and energetic vibe. This was a multi-use concentrate for my medicinal enjoyment. Dab it or smoke it! You decide.


• Mentally uplifting and creative

• Sweet, clean flavors

• Spontaneous happiness may occur

Tangie Sap
Tangie Sap