Review: Wedding Cake Live Resin By Lion Tree Farms

Tested by: Rose City Labs | Indica | Provided by: Oregon’s Finest

Even tastier than its namesake, Wedding Cake Live Resin is a premier selection. It’s flying off the shelves at Oregon’s Finest and I can see why. Produced in-house by Sterling Gold Extracts and Lion Tree Farms in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon, it’s one of the farm favorites. The structure is pure gold quality—it is a stable, translucent gold wax with faint sugaring, and is easy to use and transfer for dabbing. I put a small amount in my Dab Pro and went to work. The aroma is earthy and reminiscent of delicious baked goods. The effect is both warm and comforting, leaving a very heady high and tranquilizing exhale. Don’t miss out on this tippy top shelf live resin available at Oregon’s Finest, Treehouse Collective and Nectar.


• Aromas and flavors reminiscent of baked desserts

• Warm and comforting high, good tranquilizer for the aches and stress of the day

Liontree 2


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