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Review: White Strawberry Full Melt



Review: White Strawberry Full Melt 2

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Tested by: CMT Laboratories 

The hand-washed White Strawberry bubble hash is a delicious blend—not genetic hybrid—of Bruce Banner and Sour Diesel, giving this full melt a unique twist. The tart, fruity aroma that rose upon opening the jar was mouthwatering and incredibly reminiscent of its namesake, an unripe white strawberry. Admiring the sheen of the beige, sandy texture, I notice a hint of diesel aroma upon closer examination. The first hit is a burst of flavor that’s eye-watering and reminds me of gasoline. The carefree feelings of happiness and relaxation that follow though, are mildly euphoric. Be prepared for possible strokes of creative genius and heightened senses. Overall, this bubble hash is a must try!

White Strawberry

Concentrate Supply Co.‘s White Strawberry

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