Udderly Badass Glass: Rob Morrison’s “Self Portrait #1”


  • Instagram: @rmorrisonglass

An outstanding artist in many mediums, Rob Morrison created this piece as a reflection of himself, titling it “Self Portrait #1.” The piece was made in October 2017 and is the first of his rapidly growing self-portrait series.

"Self Portrait #1" Cow Piece by Rob Morrison

Rob’s inspiration to start this project was the desire to make a more personal series that reflected his own life. Rob, although able-bodied, suffers from serious chronic pain. I’m certain some days he feels a walker would make it easier to get around. The walker, by the way, was added after the cow portion of the piece was finished—it didn’t stand correctly, and he needed to find a way to sturdy it up a bit.

This piece is currently available for purchase, along with several other self-portraits from the series. Contact Rob via Instagram (@rmorrisonglass) for more info. His glass can be purchased both retail and wholesale, and select pieces were recently shown in Las Vegas at the American Glass Expo in January.

"Self Portrait #1" Cow Piece by Rob Morrison