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Rocky Mountain High Garden

Strains for days in the Mile High City…



With seven cannabis dispensaries spread throughout Colorado, Rocky Mountain High has quite the team of growers behind them, producing some seriously beautiful bud. Theirs is one of the largest flower rooms I’ve ever wandered through. I immediately noticed the overall cleanliness and uniformed structure throughout. From the garden’s immaculate walls and floors to the movable grow tables, and even the structure of the plants, this team has organization and attention to detail entwined within their work ethic. Climbing a ladder that hoisted me many feet above their sea of green canopies, I was able to clearly see the different stages of growth, from bright, pistil-covered ladies to massive colas towering throughout the room—a pretty epic view!

“Colors of all kinds can be found within these rooms, ranging from vibrant greens to the deepest, darkest of purples.”

Harvesting seems to be a frequent occurrence for the RMH grow, and they keep it going constantly, throughout all stages of life. Popular strains such as East Coast Sour Diesel, Kosher Kush, Green Crack, Gorilla Glue and Tangie all live and thrive within the hands of the RMH team. Radiant trichomes doused the flowers, especially those in weeks six through nine. Colors of all kinds can be found within these rooms, ranging from vibrant greens to the deepest, darkest of purples. Walking through row after row of their varied strains, you can see how the growers prune and nurture each individual plant, producing the highest quality and quantity of herb.

Whether you’re a fan of flower or concentrates, you can enjoy the strains of the Rocky Mountain High grow—they work with concentrate companies around Colorado, processing some of their flower into live resin, shatter or wax. You can also stop into Cannabis Station or their Wazee RMH shop during the Colorado Rockies season, as both shops are within walking distance of the stadium!



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