Root Cellar

The Place

Just off the main drag in Belfair, Washington, you’ll find an unassuming storefront by the discrete name of Root Cellar. Stepping inside the shop, visitors enter a spa-like cannabis experience aimed at redefining the perception of the plant. As staff member Kim explains, “A lot of the tourists will come in and whisper, obviously surprised by what they see. The atmosphere of the store makes all the difference.”

Root Cellar's Belfair Storefront
Root Cellar’s Belfair Storefront

The People

You’ll find three people holding down the fort at Root Cellar: the owner Craig, manager Jonathan, and Kim as the smiling face doing the majority of the selling, making this shop close-knit and well-rounded. During the summer months, you’ll find a combination of local and tourist traffic bringing up to 150 people per day through the doors, while the winter months usually linger in the 80-100 range each day. Kim was sure to note that they get a lot of inquiries from people in Belfair, saying “they’ve heard of something called CBDs.” Rest assured the people at Root Cellar are here to answer your questions and get you on track with the cannabis you’re looking for.

The Products

There is a notable amount of Suspended Brands products on the shelves at Root Cellar. These Mason County neighbors are definitely conspiring to bring you some of the freshest and dankest flowers around, not to mention their new concentrate line: Bare Naked. Other product standouts are the strains available from Harmony Farms, including highly potent varieties such as Gorilla Glue and Pink Lemonade. The MTF and Blueberry from Master Grown are also highly recommended by the staff here. Should CBDs be your thing, the shelves at Root Cellar are also packed with CBD elixirs and capsules, both of which are sought-after favorites by the older demographic of locals in Belfair.

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