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Rosé OG Blend Shatter: #RoséAllDay & Watch Your Worries Dissipate



Rosé OG Blend Shatter

Test Results: 80.834% THC | .319% CBD | Sativa

Rosé OG Blend Shatter

Everybody who’s workin’ for the weekend has their favorite cure for a rough morning, and my new go-to is Rosé OG Blend Shatter from The Lab by Exhale Brands. For days when I can’t even (yet have to), I like to jumpstart myself with a bubbling banger of this 80 percent THC shatter.

Rosé OG Blend Shatter

Rosé OG Blend Shatter by The Lab Exhale Brands

This concentrate’s high THC content and pungent mix of β-myrcene, β-caryophyllene and limonene perfectly collaborate to quell all my usual symptoms from a late night: headache, tummy ache, lack of motivation and yes, even next-day texter’s remorse. Rosé OG Blend can—and will—get you up, at ‘em and feeling ready to face the day!

Flower Producer: Greenway Medical | Concentrate Producer: The Lab by Exhale Nevada | Instagram: @exhalebrands | Provided By: The Clinic Nevada | Instagram: @thelabnevada

Available At: 

  1. The Clinic Nevada: 4310 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  2. Exhale Nevada: 4310 W Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89103
  3. Deep Roots Harvest: 195 Willis Carrier Canyon,  Mesquite NV 89034


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