One Nasty Patty: Relish Ryan Rosburg’s Painstaking Glass Work


  • Piece Made By: Ryan Rosburg
  • Instagram: @rosburgglass

Ryan Rosburg’s “Nasty Patty”

Ryan Rosburg has a unique glass style that can be seen—and almost tasted—in this month’s glass feature. From the old, grimy patty to the condiments that adorn it, the aptly titled “Nasty Patty” is a detestable delight. This piece was a custom order and is currently not available for purchase.

Ryan Rosburg's Nasty Patty
Ryan Rosburg’s Nasty Patty

Rosburg created the piece in the late spring and early summer of 2017. He says he progressed a lot as an artist throughout the process of making Nasty Patty, from mixing his custom colors to the extremely difficult task of making those pink tentacles; this piece demanded extra attention to detail from its artist. Being a custom order, Rosburg needed to follow the exact look of the Nasty Patty he was replicating. “Dealing with customers [directly] allows for a more intimate and personal level of connection with those who support my art,” Rosburg explains.

Rosburg started to blow glass at age 15 and states he was originally drawn to the art form because of his love for both fire and weed. His work can be found and purchased by contacting him directly though his Instagram account, @rosburgglass, or via his other company, Plump Glass Productions.

Ryan Rosburg's Nasty Patty
Ryan Rosburg’s Nasty Patty


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