The Sahara Wellness Way: Where Cannabis Meets Compassion


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Sahara Wellness – Las Vegas, NV

The People

“Our dispensary is a little bit different,” says Brenda Gunsallus, one of the Partners of Sahara Wellness. “We’re here to educate people.” She founded the dispensary because she wanted a business that would help people, and “even though it’s recreational now, we’re seeing a lot more patients because some people were shy about getting their cards—but now they can come in and get their medicine,” she remarks. “You can teach people about cannabis and you can teach people about business, but you can’t teach people to care about people.”

Sahara Wellness - Las Vegas, NV

Sahara Wellness is particularly welcoming to the older and/or first-time cannabis user, and unlike some dispensaries, which can run at drive-thru speed, Gunsallus’ staff is trained to be generous with time and information. What does she look for in a budtender? “A big heart. You can have all the training in the world and you can know all about the plant, but if you don’t care about that patient, this is not the dispensary for you.”

The Product

Sahara Wellness offers a wide range of products, and the staff helps customers find the right format for their high. “[Budtenders] need to explain the edibles, the concentrates, the vapes, because if these new people try it and have a bad experience, they’ll be against the product forever,” asserts Gunsallus. Some may think Las Vegas means money is no object, but Gunsallus is aware that some of her customers are on a budget: “I have people who ride a bus once a month to get their medicine.” With her clientele in mind, you can usually find $10-$12 grams and reasonably priced eighths. Sahara Wellness is also developing their own house brand, Circle S Farms, and is opening a 35,000-square-foot cultivation facility.

Sahara Wellness - Las Vegas, NV


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