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Lemon Alien Dawg OR Concentrate 3

For high-quality cannabis, think no further than Sasquatch Farm! Sasquatch Farms produces high-end flower and concentrates that leave everyone wanting more. I spent the afternoon with Matthew Naegeli- Sasquatch himself- testing his award-winning products firsthand, while touring the facility.

After dabbing The Bloo Mix, which won the 710 Cup in Keizer, Oregon earlier this year, Sasquatch busted out his 2nd Place medal from the 2013 Bay Area High Times Cannabis Cup for his bubble hash. Naegali’s 1st Place 710 trophy is currently housed at One Draw Two in Portland. 

After a dab we were off to the greenhouse! Bright light is what his ladies love, as evident by the copious amounts of light illuminating the Harlequin Tsunami, C-99 White Widow and various kushes. The difference becomes evident almost immediately; these plants get what they want, when they want it. He even paused during our interview to coach the workers on mixing nutrients properly. The watering schedule is intense—you won’t find a drip sprinkler here, these plants are watered by hand, all day, every day. 

The greenhouse is full of large plants billowing in the wind from the fans, and some were so large they already dwarfed Sasquatch, who is well over six feet tall. Having grown for the last sixteen years, he knows what he likes, and it’s variety.

An additional outbuilding houses the dazzling indoor plants, which are perfect and gorgeous.  The colas are full and appear to be nearly dripping wet with trichomes. The smell is enough to make anyone smile with its delicious blend of aromatic strains. The room is full of BlOO Balls, MK Ultra, Tangie x Chem 91, and countless others.

“You have to keep it interesting with variety, but then again, I just really love this plant,” he says.

Naegali prefers to grow from seed because it provides many different phenotypes of each strain, broadening their genetic pool even further. Nutrients are extremely important to the farm and not just any will do; only the Canna line from Hank, the owner of Garden Spout in Portland, is used. “The reason I use Canna is they’re pharmaceutical grade, not agricultural grade, and people should learn the difference.”

Sasquatch’s full line of top shelf cannabis and concentrates are exclusively sold at One Draw Two Dispensary in Portland.


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