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Sativa Sisters: The Perfect Place for Your First CannaExperience



Sativa Sisters - Clarkston, WA

Sativa Sisters – Clarkston, WA

Founded in Spokane, Washington, by two couples, Don and Gale Henrichs and Cathy and Carrie Smith, Sativa Sisters was born out of a real, honest human need. Instead of opening a dispensary to sell products with a carefree, psychoactive bent, the pair of couples — and close friends — opened their spot to serve and heal. Their motto? To improve the quality of life for healthy people, as well as for sick people. Carrie Smith, who suffered from cancer and used cannabis to treat his ailments, has unfortunately passed away since the shop’s inception. His memory lives on with wife Cathy Smith and friends Don and Gale Henrichs, as well as the shop’s first employee, regional manager Eric Skaar.

Sativa Sisters - Clarkston, WA

The Place

More often than not, Sativa Sisters helps customers above the age of 40. “We want to be an epicenter of information,” Skaar says. “It’s not uncommon for us to teach a 90-year-old woman how to smoke for the first time.” Sativa Sisters, which boasts about 35 employees, also treats people with chronic aches and pains, arthritis and any number of body ailments. “We work with a lot of first-time users,” says Skaar. “That’s a big part of our success.” While most outsiders think of a dispensary as a place to get high, Skaar and co. think of it as a place to get healed. “We love seeing how enthusiastic people get about cannabis and all its health benefits,” Skaar continues. “Education is the only way the industry is going to grow.”

Sativa Sisters - Clarkston, WA

The Product

Because the shop is focused on healing as much as recreational use, Skaar — who had a background in medical marijuana before moving to Spokane to help open Sativa Sisters — stocks a myriad of CBD products. To keep his shelves up to date, he and his team are constantly sampling and researching new products in Eastern Washington and abroad. “CBD capsules are one of our biggest sellers,” he says, “as well as tinctures.” He’s even made sure to stock suppositories, because he’s heard of their medical benefit. But in the end, Skaar says Sativa Sisters will always offer a good balance of cannabis products with an eye on the cutting edge. “We serve a different demographic than most people,” he notes. “We come from a different point of view.”

Sativa Sisters - Clarkston, WA

“‘We want to be an epicenter of information … It’s not uncommon for us to teach a 90-year-old woman how to smoke for the first time.” – Eric Skaar, Sativa Sisters regional manager


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