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Satori North Spokane



Satori North - Spokane, WA

Satori North – Spokane, WA

There are some in the cannabis community dubbed “Ganjapreneurs” — Justin Wilson, owner of Satori North, is exactly that. “I bought a gram of weed — well, shake — in high school for $1, then sold it for $2 that same day,” he tells me. “I immediately figured out that people liked it, including myself.” Thalia Alfaro, general manager and head of purchasing, maintains the mantra of balance that Justin preaches to his team. “We have something for everyone — whatever price and style you enjoy, we got you,” asserts Alfaro.


The Product

From soil-grown flower to the finest terp diamonds, Alfaro and the Satori team hand-pick every product that comes through the doors of their locations in North Spokane, Seattle, South Hill Spokane, Pullman and Bellingham. With educated staffers such as David LaMoureau — who directs the North Spokane certified medical marijuana program — patients and consumers alike know the products they’re consuming are safe, well-researched and meant to get the job done. With an in-store terpene table brought to life via collaborative efforts from the team at Terp Talk (, you can smell essential oils found in the shop’s products.


The History

We all know quality cannabis is better smoked in quality glass, and Satori was preceded by Wilson’s first project, Piece of Mind. Starting the glass retailer brand in Spokane Valley 21 years ago, Wilson knows the importance of hand-blown, fully functional pieces of artwork on his floor in Satori. The store also backs groups like the Evergreen State Project, home of the annual BoroDerby, which has raised thousands of dollars for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery and Agape Women’s and Children’s shelter. Wilson’s philanthropy stretches out to budding medical and recreational markets as well, like the Michigan Glass Project. You can see the amount of love and care he has for each of his customers, employees and vendors — it only makes sense that philanthropy is common practice for the Satori North’s owner.


“We have something for everyone – whatever price and style you enjoy, we got you.” – Thalia Alfaro, Satori North general manager and head of purchasing


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