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Sava: Online Marketplace

I met Sava CEO and founder Andrea Brooks in 2016 shortly after Sava launched in December of 2015. After suffering a disabling injury, Brooks’ doctors assumed that she would never work again. After being prescribed numerous medications which didn’t produce positive results, Brooks turned to cannabis “as a last resort … out of desperation,” she shares. “I decided to try something new, and started talking to a grower friend. Getting educated, procuring fresh flower and learning about CBD to THC ratios and tinctures was a game changer.” Brooks then joined Amanda Denz and Meaghan Zore, Sava’s co-founders; Denz also serves as Sava’s CMO. Upon the company’s founding, the three asked, “Why [don’t people] come to cannabis sooner or know what [their] options are?” That question led them to bridge the gap between people and cannabis — Sava’s grown to host an inclusive, fun boutique workplace with non-profit values. 

Sava: Online MarketplaceThe Place

Sava curates a premier marketplace headquartered in San Francisco, though my shopping experience takes place via the web. Orders arrive hand delivered, tucked into a discreet box. Accessibility for multiple demographics is critical to the founders; one can schedule their package to be delivered anywhere within delivery range, receive notice of arrival and have confidence it will be dropped off by a friendly driver. Sava builds a diverse, inclusive team regarding ethnicity, age, sexuality and gender identity. “Everything we do is intentional,” Brooks emphasizes, “cannabis at its best [requires] thinking about details all the way through.”

Sava: Online MarketplaceThe Product

Sava has relationships with established companies thus building symbiotic support networks, and nurturing the marketplace. “Being in this industry and owning a business means being an activist,” Brooks expresses, “…where you take that activism is your choice.” Sava’s team strives to provide goods and services that align with their mission. “We support small artisan growers and makers, [while placing an] emphasis on women-owned brands,” said Brooks. “Of about 45 companies represented as many as 50 percent of them are women-owned.” Sava’s educational website introduces visitors to fresh, inclusive brands, and the customer service team offers extensive knowledge on the products in their repertoire. “We genuinely care about people having the best cannabis experience … and we seek out and partner with brands that share our passion for the plant,” notes Denz. Selection includes items for most methods of consumption — Brooks currently loves vaporizing Hot Nife, a smooth, natural and great tasting oil pen as well as products from Humboldt Apothecary which, she says, makes tried and true products that she consumes daily for wellness.


Sava: Online Marketplace
Andrea Brooks

“Being in this industry and owning a business means being an activist,” Brooks expresses, “…where you take that activism is your choice.”


Ashleigh Castro

Ashleigh Castro is a New York seed grown in the California sunshine. A photographer by nature, she developed while capturing peace rallies in San Francisco and snapping shots of musicians. She started at DOPE taking photos for DOPE Magazine as it launched in Northern California in 2015. Aesthetically, her favorite medium to shoot in is film such as 35mm and medium format. Since she studied journalism, she put her DOPEn to the paper and started writing stories about healing family through cannabis, sustainably sourced edibles and consciously created local products. Having developed obscure food allergies caused by histamine intolerance, she applies cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation and the anxieties surrounding food intolerance. Now managing the NorCal office as well as the area’s content, you can find her on the scene with the DOPE squad or roller skating in the Bay Area’s scenic spots. Her greatest joy working at DOPE is being able to help found a Dream Team of talent and style.

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