Scott Campbell And Clement Kwan Launch For Success Holding

Los Angeles, CA – March, 2017 – As legislation in the United States moves further towards the legalization of marijuana use, a unique opportunity has arisen to cater to a more discerning, sophisticated cannabis consumer.  For Success Holding, a company recently founded by two partners in California, promises to do just that with heightened attention to design, marketing and customer communication while offering brands and experiences that go beyond the mere use for medical or recreational purposes.

The founders at For Success Holding realize that trends in how brands market towards and communicate with their consumers are changing and have endeavored to speak to future cannabis enthusiasts through entirely new avenues.  With thoughtfully designed packaging and products curated to complement different social settings (dinner, cocktail hour, afternoon tea, etc.), cannabis-infused products from their inaugural brand, Beboe, can now offer heightened, individualized experiences.

Named for his maternal grandmother Be Boe, who lovingly created marijuana brownies for his mother as she battled cancer throughout most of his childhood, co –founder Scott Campbell’s connection to the product is a multi-tiered one.   Renowned as one of the world’s most talented tattoo artists, he met co-founder Clement Kwan, formerly of luxury brands YOOX/Net a Porter and Dolce & Gabbana, while on a business trip to Detroit when the idea for a partnership was born.

“We hope to further along the end of prohibition by building sophisticated products and brands to attract a more sophisticated consumer, said co-founder Clement Kwan.  “This is what we hope will be the catalyst in forging into this new frontier.”

With a unique blend of THC and CBD in low doses, Beboe products come beautifully packaged and thusly appeal to a more sophisticated consumer who may be a current user, a novice or complete neophyte.  This is an audience currently underserved in the world of cannabis appreciation and the void is primed for attention.  Beboe will be the first step For Success Holding’s brand-building initiative that will lay the foundation for a first-of-its-kind luxury cannabis conglomerate.  Additional brands and plans to open free-standing dispensaries will be the first steps in this direction.

“We wanted to create a product that we’d be proud to give to our friends,” stated Campbell.  “We set out to create not only a quality product, but something that would truly change the way people saw cannabis as a product.”

Based in Los Angeles, Beboe will offer their products  beginning in March 2017 through their website ( as well as at select dispensaries throughout California, with plans for expansion to follow.


Co-founded by Scott Campbell and Clement Kwan in late 2014, For Success Holding is a vertically integrated cannabis company endeavoring to create products, brands and experiences for the new, sophisticated and discerning cannabis consumer.


Beboe is the first cannabis brand by For Success Holding created for the new discerning consumer with a curated product offering to heighten individualized social settings.  With attention to detail in all aspects of production – from package design to the product’s unique blend of THC and CBD – Beboe offers consumers  a unique experience and education in the world of cannabis. 

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