Celebrate the History of 420 with These Groovy Products!


April is our 420 Issue! What better way to celebrate the history of 420 than highlight some groovy decor and top-notch smoking accessories?

Jim Morrison Throw Pillow by Gypsy Love Spell

The Doors have a special place in music history. Pay homage to an era of music that can never be replicated with this original Jim Morrison pillow design by Gypsy Love Spell. Sure to add a psychedelic vibe to any room. As Morrison said, “If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it’s to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel.”

#scoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate the History of 420 with These Groovy Products!

Price: $34 | Website: etsy.com/shop/GypsyLoveSpellIG: @gypsylovespell

Grateful Dead Necklace by Handmade Drops Of Dew

Deadheads unite! Flaunt your 420 spirit by wearing something that epitomizes ‘60s jam band culture. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame alums, The Grateful Dead’s collaborative, genre-spanning style earned them the number 57 spot on Rolling Stone’s “Greatest Artists of All Time” list.

#scoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate the History of 420 with These Groovy Products!

Price: $8.50 | Website: etsy.com/shop/HandmadeDropsOfDewIG: @handmadedropsofdew

STELLAR PATH Tapestry by Lucid Eye Studios

“Take a walk down the stellar path” with this vibrant tapestry. Whether it’s for festival season, your personal smoke space or just to bring new energy to a room, this tapestry’s intricate design and captivating colors will enhance any space. All the digital art is created by Lucid Eye Studios owner Jud Hayden. Inspired by nature, outer space, the animal kingdom and his own experiences, Jud’s trippy designs are sure to put you in the 420 spirit.

#scoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate the History of 420 with These Groovy Products!

Price: $30 | Website: etsy.com/shop/LucidEyeStudiosFB: @lucideyestudios | IG: @lucid_eye_studios

iPhone Case by iHit

If you’re an iPhone user, the iHit is about to bea hit. The removable storage unit can fit up to five pre-rolls, and seals tightly enough that rich-smelling flower remains undetectable. The iHit  can also be used as a convenient rolling tray! Excellent for your next festival, camping trip or 420 celebration. It’s also useful for stashing rolling papers or cash, but we prefer its pre-roll hideaway capabilities.

#scoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate the History of 420 with These Groovy Products!

Price: $24.99 | Website: theihit.com | FB: @TheiHit | IG: @ihit24_7 | Twitter: @iHit24_7

The Arizer ArGo by Vapornation

 Arizer’s latest dry herb vaporizer boasts precise temperature control, easy filling and cleaning, and their trademark glass aroma tubes produce a smooth, potent flavor. It’s fairly small, but with the intended customized settings and heating control from 112°F-428°F, seasoned vapers will find this to be a powerful new product.

#scoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate the History of 420 with These Groovy Products!

Price: $269.99 | Website: vapornation.com/arizer-argo-vaporizer.htmlIG: @thevapornation


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