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#ScoutedbyDOPE: Let Your Imagination Run Wild With These Artsy Products



#ScoutedbyDOPE Art Issue

Lion Rolling Circus

The one-of-a-kind Lion family is an unusual band of performers, to say the least. Sexy Sadie is an anti-bullying and violence against women activist who quit shaving her beard to take a stand against sexism. Conjoined punk rock twins Silverfuck and Jellybelly play the drums. Ruby is a witch, DJ, plays the guitar … and his eyes are actually rare stones. Finally, there’s Edgar Allan, an orphan who, instead of becoming a priest, became a bass player. According to Lion Rolling Circus, he can also recite all of Poe’s poems by heart. Of course, they’re just illustrations, but at least the artwork sure is fun, and the rolling papers are fantastic!

DOPE Art The Stoner Babes Coloring Book

Price: $1.50 to $8.99 | FB: @LionRollingCircus | IG: @lionrollingcircus | TW: @lionrollingook | Website:

The Stoner Babes Coloring Book

The stigma around the word “stoner” is still all too real, but Oregon artist Katie Guinn is flipping that script and showcasing the beauty and power of the female and gender nonconforming stoner babes in her life via her latest coloring book. On the back of each portrait is a quote on what empowerment means to the subject. Whether for anxiety relief, self-care or simply nostalgia, we highly recommend this coloring book to all of our fellow stoner babes.

“The word ‘stoner’ does not mean that you’re just sitting on your couch and smoking your life away, but rather, it enhances a lot of people’s lives,” says Guinn. “I know that a lot of other people are able to relieve their anxiety from coloring and also partaking in marijuana, so the combination is really the ultimate medicine.”

DOPE Art Issue The Stoner Babes Coloring Book

Price: $14.95 | FB: @katieguinnstudio | IG: @katie_guinn_studio | Website:

Indica Vibez

“Just a girl with a dream and some weed,” reads Christania Hunt’s Etsy bio. Hunt sells limited edition prints and stickers of cannabis-inspired art pieces through her Etsy shop. This particular art piece, titled “The Seeker,” perfectly depicts the elated state of someone benefiting from the positive effects of cannabis, while also focusing on the positive energy around them by smudging their space with dried sage and crystals. Inhale the good vibes, exhale the bad, right? Radiate positivity in any room with Hunt’s artwork or order something custom to suit your desires.

Indica Vibez Christiana Hunt DOPE Art Issue

Price: $30-50 | FB: @indicavibez | IG: @indicavibez | Website:



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