#ScoutedbyDOPE: Shower Yourself or Someone Else With Love

February is our Entertainment Issue, but it’s also the month in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day—the “holiday” people either dread or adore. Whether you’d like to revel in your singledom or show admiration to the special someone in your life, we’ve got some great gift options for you!

“Have a Dope Day” Magnets and Stationary by Classy Cards Collective

These clever home and office additions are hand-designed by a woman who has combined the two things she loves most: design and sarcasm. Have a friend who could use a pick-me-up from potential V-Day blues? These little gifts are perfect! Stop by, roll a j and have a dope day with your bestie.

#ScoutedbyDOPE February "Have a Dope Day" Magnets and Stationary by Classy Cards Collective

Price: $4.50 each | Notepad: $8.00 | IG: @classycardscreative | etsy.com/shop/ClassyCardsCreative

“Too High to Cry” and “No Vibes” Pins from Olsen Ink Shop

The idea for this “Too High to Cry” illustration came when the designer, Spencer Olsen, saw a picture of his friend’s baby wearing a shirt that said “Too Tough To Cry.” There’s nothing wrong with a good cry now and then, but with the right strain we hope the only tears shed this V-Day are ones of laughter.

#ScoutedbyDOPE February "Too High to Cry" and "No Vibes" Pins from Olsen Ink Shop

Price: $10.00 each | FB: @OlsenInk | IG: @Olsenink | Olsenink.bigcartel.com | Manufactured by Battle Born Pins | bbpins.bigcartel.com | IG: @BattleBornPins

“Mommin’ Aint Easy” Bracelet and Pot Leaf Accessories by Deviant Impressions

Deviant Impressions has got something for everyone, but DOPE was particularly excited about highlighting a gift for the Moms out there. If your Mama is of the cannabis-smoking variety, she’s sure to love this Mommin’ Ain’t Easy bracelet. Each bracelet is individually hand-stamped, giving the lettering slight variations in the spacing, depth of impression and alignment, making each bracelet unique.

#ScoutedbyDOPE February "Mommin' Aint Easy" Bracelet and Pot Leaf Accessories by Deviant Impressions

Price: Bracelets: $15.00 | Keychain: $10.99 | Necklace: $23.00 | Ring: $10.99 | FB: @DeviantImpressions | IG: @deviantimpressions | etsy.com/shop/DeviantImpressions

Cross-Stitch by The Deranged Librarian

 We believe in “living the DOPE life.” This cross-stitch—although not an original design—quotes Kanye in all his glory, and that’s alright in our book. The Deranged Librarian has taken cross-stitch and made it edgy. From Kanye and Queen Bey quotes to a “Viva La Vulva” design, these are definitely not your grandma’s cross-stitches!

#ScoutedbyDOPE February Cross-Stitch by The Deranged Librarian

Price: $24.18 + | IG: @thederangedlibrarian | etsy.com/shop/DerangedLibrarian

The Florist Dry Herb Vape Pen + Carrying Case by Dank Fung

If you’re thinking of going a little bigger this V-Day, The Florist is just right. No, not your typical florist—The Florist is a vaporizer pen for dry flowers or kief (not concentrates). Easy to use, sleek and subtle, this is the ideal gift for a cannabis flower lover!

The Florist Dry Herb Vape Pen + Carrying Case by Dank Fung

Price: $99.99 | FB: @dankfung | IG: @dankfungextracts | dankfung.com


Luna Reyna

Luna Reyna believes in the power of journalistic activism and social responsibility. As a writer with DOPE, she tackles many social justice topics that often do not receive the coverage they deserve within the cannabis industry, as well as issues of inclusivity regarding race, gender, class and sexual orientation. Luna is also the Managing Editor for BARE Magazine, a quarterly lifestyle magazine whose motto is, "culture without censorship." She is also the founder of RIZE Entertainment, an art, entertainment and culture company that focuses solely on artists who challenge injustice and champion equality through their art.