#ScoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate Dads and Grads With These 420-Friendly Gifts

Slippers by Evelin Vila

These beautiful, handmade house shoes from Bosnia and Herzegovina are genuine leather. This Father’s Day, get Pops something that says “live your best life” and “sit back, relax and enjoy some ganja.” Pair them with his favorite strain, and it’s bound to be an elevated Father’s Day!

#ScoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate Dads and Grads With These 420-Friendly Gifts

Price: $29 | Website: etsy.com/shop/EvelinVila

Engraved Money Clip by Avant Garde Design

Give the finger to the stigma of the “lazy stoner” by carrying your hard-earned stacks in a money clip with an engraved cannabis leaf! This is a great gift for recent grads—let them know nothing will get in the way of their success, especially with the help of our favorite flower.

#ScoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate Dads and Grads With These 420-Friendly Gifts

Price: $35 | Website: etsy.com/shop/AvantGardeDesign | FB: @AvantGardeDesignShop

Pitch-N-Puff Combo Pack by Puffingtons

Fore-twenty golfing essentials! Puffingtons’ Pitch-N-Puff combo comes with a golf ball that unscrews in the center to reveal the perfect stash spot and tee that doubles as a unique one-hitter! This combo is perfect for a short smoke sesh on the green with some sticky green—the makings of a great Father’s Day.

#ScoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate Dads and Grads With These 420-Friendly Gifts

Price: $15 | Website: puffingtonsgolf.com | FB: @puffingtons | IG: @puffingtons | Twitter: @pitch_n_puff

Cannabis Boxer Briefs by Basic Outfitters

Let’s be real, boxers are not comfortable for anyone. Boxer briefs are where it’s at. Make a statement with some form-fitting briefs—and no, we’re not talking about your tush! These boxer briefs are a great gift, both practical and comical for your cannabis-consuming dad or grad.

#ScoutedbyDOPE: Celebrate Dads and Grads With These 420-Friendly Gifts

Price: $12/3pk | Website: basicoutfitters.com | FB: @Basicoutfitters | IG: @basicoutfitters


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