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Sea Train



Blue Cheese Shatter - Dapper Dabs 10
Test Results: 0.69 %THC, 15.78% CBD


In 2010, Nevada City cannabis advocate Harry Bennett partnered with one of the first CBD cannabis breeders in Northern California. Their success inspired Bennett’s new company, Floracy. By combining Cole Train, an award-winning Dutch strain from DNA Genetics (Train Wreck and Super Silver Haze genetics) with Otto #1 (another Train Wreck descendant with Thai attributes) to create Sea Train, a high yielding, feminized, sativa-dominant strain with a 25:1 CBD to THC ratio was created.


Many patients have claimed a reduction in anxiety and depression while avoiding overt psychoactive effects, and strains rich in CBD are becoming well-received by patients. Due to the absence of THC, the lack of “high” was previously mistaken for lack of therapeutic effect. Now CBD strains are becoming a common answer for people with a myriad of ailments, including seizures, nausea, and even cancer.


Sweet, Sea Train first hits you with a fresh pine, rosemary flavor mixed with a light fruitiness. It has an allspice undertone and a faint, yet pleasant ginger aftertaste. The overall flavor is light, subtle, and lingering. Often times, high CBD strains can have a slight “barnyard” taste, but Sea Train’s sweetness is light, and quite enjoyable.


While most CBD meds are not bred for their cosmetic value, Sea Train actually smells and tastes better than a lot of CBD rich flowers I have encountered. In the container, it has a sweet, fruity, and mildly fermented aroma. The smell while smoking is spicy and musky. This tastes pleasant and comforting, more so than a lot of CBD rich flowers I have encountered.


Buds are oblong and conical tipped, indicative of a sativa but chunky and dense with a thick coat of auburn pistols. Like many CBD rich strains it has an earthy, ruddy color dappled with muted green flecks. CBD strains are not bred for beauty; they get the job done quickly and effectively, which is something even more attractive.


Though most sativa strains can keep people awake keep you awake, they may inhibit clarity resulting in some scattered thinking. Delivering pain relief and relaxation with little to no head high, Sea Train delivers a general sense of calm and well-being without a heavy psychoactive impact.   

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