Select Strains Vape Technology: Sturdy Yet Discrete

Select Strains Vape Technology

Select Strains’ vape pens have a sleek design and solid weight that make them sturdy, yet discrete. Select Strains works with each farm they purchase from to ensure specific strains and techniques are used during cultivation. Using CO2 extract in their pre-filled cartridges, Select Strains utilizes a process that isolates terpenes and adds them back into the final product. Because of this, you can taste the flavor profile of every individual strain they use. Each puff was consistent in flavor and density and the coil was able to hold its own in a long session with friends. The exhale was free of any harshness or chemical aftertaste and this pen delivered quality hits until the end.


  • American Kanthal steel coil
  • Japanese cotton wick
  • Live soil grown cannabis

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Price: Approximately $60


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