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Hump Day High: Don’t Forget Self-Care During Your Packed Summer Plans!



Don’t Forget Self-Care During Your Packed Summer Plans!

I may have overdone it in July. It was a great month, don’t get me wrong. I went to some absolutely extraordinary events. And, as usual, I pushed myself just a little too hard, and knew I had to take time for self-care. Thank goodness for cannabis, essential oils and long soaks in the bath.

The month started out as July usually does for me: with the Adult Novelty Manufacturing Expo. It’s a bi-annual B2B conference where sex toy (and adjacent) companies show off their current and upcoming products and meet with sex toy retailers, both online and brick and mortar shops. This time was extra special, for two reasons: first, oil company FORIA was featured at the booth of sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnson to announce their new partnership, which is an exciting sex and cannabis synergy moment. Second, I was joined my talented friend and colleague Lizzy Jeff (recently named “Queen of the Cannabis Renaissance” by LA Weekly) and I had the opportunity to introduce her to some of my favorite companies in the adult industry, like luxury lube maker Sliquid, the vibration geniuses at We-Vibe and Fun Factory, a toy company that features the most impressive innovations German engineering has to offer. The show guarantees long days and longer nights, as the after parties (and after-after parties) tend to go to the wee hours of the morning. When I finally arrived home after four nights in LA, I was wiped.

Sometimes, when I overtax my body, it forces me to slow down. Emotional dysregulation, excessive fatigue, sometimes even a resurgence of PTSD symptoms as my body fights its way back to equilibrium. I have to prioritize specific kinds of self-care: taking vitamins, moving my body, eating home cooked meals, taking infused Epsom salts baths (Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Soak is one of my go-to’s) and minimizing social media.

Don’t Forget Self-Care During Your Packed Summer Plans!

I also used holistic approaches like cannabis, reiki and working with essential oils. I’m new to essential oils, but I’m enjoying the results — like when I use wild orange oil to give me an energetic boost in the morning, peppermint in my bong water to cool off the smoke, and lavender in my palms so I can take deep inhales through my nose when I’m feeling stressed.

I’m also playing around with intentionally pairing essential oils to the dominant terpenes of the strains of cannabis I’m consuming — lemon and orange oil paired with strains high in limonene, lavender oil to compliment strains higher in linalool, and black pepper oil to complement strains with plenty of beta-caryophyllene — to see if the effects are augmented. I still have more experimenting to do, but the initial results are promising.

The last weekend of July brought another slew of events, four total, three of which were centered around Lizzy Jeff’s birthday. In case you’ve never had the pleasure of attending one, Lizzy knows how to curate an event like no other. Friday the 27th was “Wet: A CBD-infused Topless Swim Experience.” As the name implies, tops were entirely optional, and many attendees took advantage of the freedom to proudly display their bodies. Vegan food vendors, multiple massage therapists, reiki healers, and clothing vendors dotted the backyard of the beautiful San Fernando Valley estate.

Don’t Forget Self-Care During Your Packed Summer Plans!

L-R: Lotus Lain, Zoe Ligon, Lizzy Jeff, Ashley Manta, Cole Davis at the Adult Novelty Manufacturing Expo. Photo courtesy of Ashley Manta

For my part, I gave a quick lecture on various types of lube and condom compatibility, then gave away Sliquid samples to all the attendees and offered Sybian rides. Saturday brought Ganja Yoga in central LA, a relaxing, meditative practice facilitated by founder Dee Dussault and recently certified Jessica Clark. DJ Moonflower was the musical vibe mistress for the weekend, spinning at all three of Lizzy’s events.

Sunday started with horseback riding in Burbank with my friend Nicoletta Heidegger, an unexpected but entirely welcome chance to connect with my favorite mammal on the planet — besides humans, of course. Afterwards, we ate avocado toast with bacon and celebrated our excellent life choices.

From there I drove to Alhambra for “Brunch, Shop, & Sesh,” which Lizzy co-hosted with Nathalie Soirees, which was a chance for me to teach a quickie workshop on masturbation and advocating for your pleasure. It was beautiful but hot, so I jumped back in the car (so many miles driven) blasting some feel good tunes, on the way to “Mama” Sailene Ossman’s house in Venice for a Ganja Goddess Getaway Sister Sesh. It was glorious to see so many of my sisters from the retreat, and I ended the night taking a phenomenally hot bath in Mama’s outdoor tub. Only a two-hour car ride south and I was home safe in my own bed.

Don’t Forget Self-Care During Your Packed Summer Plans!

I learned a few things from my ambitious July. First, I need to schedule more solo breaks for rest and baths, and not try to cram so many things into one weekend. It’s vital to be in a mentality of abundance, rather than fear of missing out. Second, having cannabis with me is vital, and preferably in multiple forms, so that I can consume based on my needs. Third, performing the chorus of “Drip” with Lizzy Jeff was the coolest thing ever. Finally, I was reminded of the powerful magic that manifests when women come together to support each other. I witnessed so much love, nurturing, encouragement and thoughtfulness, and it was every bit as soothing as a hot cup of tea.

Practice receiving and letting people show up for you — you deserve it.



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