Golden Pain Relief: Sensi’s Sweet 1:1

Test Results: 50mg THC – 50mg CBD  |  Tested By: SC Labs

From the heart of Silicon Valley, Sensi (I assume short for sinsemilla, or “without seed”) Products promote Being Well with whole-plant extracts and organic ingredients. Reminiscent of a childhood favorite, Sensi Chews taste of chewy, chocolatey goodness. It’s obvious that Sensi cares about good health, and their passion for developing superior products is evident in every Chew. They are consistent in taste and quality, and the balanced high lasts for an extended period.   

Sensi Chews are available in 11 different formulas, ranging from Aphrodisiac to Strength. These individually-dosed candies contain ingredients such as caffeine and melatonin to enhance the existing benefits of the high-grade medical cannabis oil. Sensi makes cannabis-infused products using professional standards, processes and procedures. Definitely no seeds here!

  1. Long, balanced high
  2. Great chocolate taste
  3. Fun to eat

Available At: Cannabal City Collective 547 Seaton St. Los Angeles, CA 90013  |  Green Goddess Collective 1716 Main St. Venice, CA 90291  |  Super Clinik 2525 S Birch St. Santa Ana, CA 92705

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