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Sequoia Berry: Marie Kondo Levels of Clean, Here I Come!



Sequoia Berry by Capital Cannabis

Sequoia Berry by Capital Cannabis

This Sequoia Berry strain by Capital Cannabis is a delicious experience, in so many ways. The bud’s sativa-dominant qualities were a beneficial way for me to start my day, and provided me with an uplifting, buoyant aura; I was able to motivate and stay focused while keeping my anxiety at bay. The sweet aroma of the flower paired well with my morning coffee for a double jolt of energy to get my Marie Kondo on. I proudly spread a sheet on my lawn, dumped out my toolbox and spent over four hours organizing every nail, screw, bolt, staple and mysterious metal thingamabob I had — so satisfying!

Sequoia Berry by Capital Cannabis

Available At…

  1. Silver Creek Dispensary: 307 E Main St., Silverton, OR 97381
  2. Mr. Nice Guy – Astoria: 690 Olney Ave., Astoria, OR 97103
  3. Club MVC: 2147 Main St., Springfield, OR 97477


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