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Serra: Purveyor of Quality Drugs



SERRA: Purveyor of Quality Drugs 7

The People

At Serra, the process of being guided through the cannabis selection is a completely unique experience. First you are greeted by a docent, rather than a budtender. Docents typically act as guides in museums and art galleries, and the term certainly aligns with the feel of the space Serra has created. The docent inquires into the “feeling” the customer is interested in attaining via their cannabis experience, giving them a notecard with various options, choosing between relaxation, focus, creativity, happiness, pain relief and energy. The docent then suggests something based on your choices.

The Place

Walking up to the Serra building, built in 1889, you’ll find yourself stepping over a walkway inlaid with the words “Quality Drugs”—reminiscent of a time when marijuana was indeed regarded as a respected medicinal herb. Cannabis has attained a new level of reverence in the Serra shop, clearly displayed in the design and atmosphere of this downtown dispensary. Serra strikes a beautiful balance between an all-glass arboretum, a jewelry store and an art museum. High ceilings and a stunning wall of living plants welcome customers, while succulents in milk-white pottery are placed throughout the store.

The Product

Serra has collaborations with several artists and companies to provide unique products specifically for the Serra stores. Summerland Ceramics of San Francisco designed a stunning creamy white bong for Serra that marries form and function. Soothsayer fashioned a gorgeous tamper necklace mimicking the tile stone and floral floor pattern of the shop. Serra even has their own line of dark and milk chocolate bars using Portland’s Woodblock chocolate. They also carry a line of joint rollers by Brandon King, whose inspiration came from finding his Grandmother’s wooden joint roller in her attic!

Cool “things” aside…Serra’s sweeping selection of cannabis is impressive for both medicinal and recreational consumers. For pain control, try their Valentine X or Tangerine Biscotti flower. Those wanting a creativity boost, ask about the store’s Jack Herer option. On the non-smoking side, Serra carries vape pens by both Quill and Truth Serum. Sensual massage oil by Cure-All Dew as well as therapeutic soaking salts by Empower are in stock. Serra has truly thought of everything and created a beautiful space to deliver all things cannabis.

Reference List:

1. Cambria Benson, branding director,  971-404-1731



220 SW 1st Ave

Portland, OR 97204

Store hours:

Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm

Sun: 11am-7pm




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