Peyote Shaman Giving Thanks for the Sacrament

Jacob Lee’s Psychedelic-Inspired Rig


  • Instagram: @creepglass

Greatly influenced by his experiences with psychedelics, Jacob Lee, who goes by the name @creepglass on social media platforms, created this outstanding glass sculptural piece with a fitting title: “Shaman Giving Thanks for The Sacrament.” He made this custom-order piece in March of 2018, noting that he, “always wanted to make a piece like this one, showcasing a mix of tribal and street art.” The rig is ultraviolet-reactive under black light and comes with a Peyote dabber, shown here in the shaman’s hands.

He originally had the idea to blow glass after consuming psilocybin mushrooms in early 2000. The next day he started to learn the trade and has made it his passion in life—as well as his career. After enjoying mind-expanding psychedelic experiences, Lee felt a great desire to give something back and share that cosmic part of himself with others.

Peyote Shaman Giving Thanks for the Sacrament
Shaman Giving Thanks for the Sacrament

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