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SHARK BITE: Swimming Pools Will Never Be The Same



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Shark Bite by Suncliff

A Great White OG?

Test results: THC: 21.2% CBD: 0.36% |  Tested by: Confidence Analytics

Hybrid: 50/50 Indica/Sativa

The Shark Bite strain arrived gorgeously packaged in a glass container from Suncliff. Breaking the seal on the glass jar revealed a very refreshing aroma –spicy cherry and the outdoors! It was very delightful as it lit up my senses and prepared me for take-off.

The flowers were dense and tightly trimmed. I ground the flower to roll a joint, took a hit and watched as a copious, dense layer of smoke filled the room. With how dense the flower was I had plenty left over for a few bowls. After the joint and a few bong rips, I was happily elevated with a heightened desire for food, drink and good company. Needless to say…recommended.

Shark Bite by Suncliff

Shark Bite by Suncliff


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