Shaw #3: This Relaxing Landrace Will Leave You Weak in the Knees

Shaw #3

Test Results: 22.4% THC

Tested by: Gobi Analytical

Indica/Sativa %: Indica

Shaw #3 from Medicine Man is a flavorful indica with a heavy overall body high and mellow relaxation of the mind. I was impressed with the walnutsized buds of this Iranian landrace strain. Cracking open one of the compact nugs, the aroma smells sharply of cedar with hints of roasted pistachio and pine. A deep inhale of the rich smoke produced a woody resinous flavor that reminded me of a fresh campfire without the coughing fits. It smoothly filled my lungs leaving me even more relaxed on the exhale. Hints of oregano and fennel rounded out the flavor as I smacked my lips, and packed a second bowl. After a little more taste testing, I realized this strain was heavier than I thought. My knees slackened and my shoulders felt heavy in a very comfortable way. A few bowls of Shaw #3 will drain any motivation from you in a very pleasant way, making this a better end of the day strain for most.


Perfect for coming down after a long day

Heavy-hitting indica that sneaks up on you

Deep, flavorful hits

Shaw #3 from Medican Man

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