Sigur Ros X Lord Jones

Icelandic indie rock group, Sigur Ros has changed the constructs of music as a whole, and now they have their foot in the cannabis community. The ethereal group of composers has teamed up with the edible gurus at Lord Jones, introducing the exclusive collaborative line of “Sigur Berries”, an infused gumdrop of what is supposed to represent the taste of Icelandic wild berries. The treats come in THC-medicated form or CBD only options. Lord Jones has crafted their name to be one of the premium brands in the world of edible-making, and perfectly encompasses the emotion that Sigur Ros produces in their music.

The product was launched with a private sound bath performed by the band and of course the signature edibles being served as the show’s introduction. In a secluded Hollywood venue, I found myself laying on a a bed in a dark, smoke-filled room as Iceland’s most noteworthy band serenaded myself and about 50 other extremely lucky individuals with music that makes you feel more than human. Just as Sigur Ros’ front-man Jónsi creates a sensation of utmost emotional inspiration, the edibles brought the feeling into an even more amplified version of it’s familiar self.

Being the first of its kind, this collaboration truly does bridge the gap of such closely related worlds. Cannabis and music work hand in hand; a relationship that has been unspeakably present from the birth of pop-culture. The marriage between the two is something that is enveloped beautifully between Lord Jones and Sigur Ros. Musicians continue to dive deeper and deeper into the cannabis industry, but this is one of the only collaborations of its kind that truly envelops the essence of emotions that rings so vibrantly in the band’s sound. From a cannabis connoisseur’s standpoint – the edibles themselves are truly special – giving off an ability to plunge interpersonally and reach a realm of understanding that would otherwise be difficult to access. From a music lover’s standpoint – Sigur Ros’ energy is something that can’t be matched these days. The raw emotion from the music matched with the pure bliss from the delicious edibles was the perfect embellished conjunction of worlds that will continue to go hand in hand.



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